• - Creative teams of professional studios and broadcasters companies
  • - Amateur creative alliances, groups, clubs etc.
  • - Authors (professionals and amateurs).

Documentary and Patriotic Movies
Apply for the festival

Under the terms of Regulations all the application forms, set forth in the annex, and the copy of the film must be sent before April, 1, 2016.

Based on the applications received the organizing committee shall make up the schedule and shoud notify the participants at least 7 days before the show with a place and the time.

When the participant is fail to attend the Festival, it shall notify the organizing commitee at least 3 days before the show by written application.

The best films and their authors will be encouraged by the decision of the jury.

The participant shall be responsible for copyright and related rights when works or non-owned fragments signed by his/her name are submitted for participation in the festival.

Procedure for applications for the festival:

Application for participation is submitted at the festival's website.

In case of participation of the group the application is submitted by a representative. Hereinafter the organizing committee shall be contacting that single person.

Filling of all of the application points is obligatory. If the application form is not filled or filled partially it shall not be considered.

Applications received after the deadline shall not be considered by the organizing commitee.

Applications are verified for their full compliance to all requirements of this Regulation and registered in the organizing committee. After registration each applicant becomes a participant of the festival.

Applications for participation in the festival are valid for the whole period of the festival.

The official application for participation in the festival, set forth in the annex, creative works and annotations are submitted to the organizing committee.

Rewarding and awarding

The jury determines nominations and winners of the festival.

Winners are awarded with special statuettes and money prizes according to the established prize fund.

Nominations of the festival:

- Grand Prix for best film.

  • - First place
  • - Second place
  • - Third place

Some winners of the festival shall be awarded by decision of the City Council.

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