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International Film Festival of Documentary and Patriotic Movies

Dear Artists!

We are glad to inform you that this year on May 20-22 the First International Festival of  Documentary and Patriotic Movies "KinoDok" will be held in Chernihiv that is the birthplace of Dovzhenko. It became possible by the efforts of the community, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Chernihiv Regional State Administration and Chernihiv City Council.

The festival will involve amateur and professional creative films from Ukraine and other countries.

During the festival competition a commission , consisting of - Krystof Zanussi (Poland) who shall be chairman of the jury, Bogdan Benyuk (Ukraine), Michael Illienko (Ukraine), Sergey Maslobojschikov (Ukraine), Akhtem Seytablaev (Crimea, Ukraine), will choose  the best works in order to present prizes and nominate them in accordance with categories.

We would like to invite you to participate in this Festival!

The film's timing shall not exceed 40 minutes. The films should be enclosured to  your application form on a CD/DVD disc (or any other carrier) or refer to the link where it can be downloaded. The video quality must be at least 720p (1080p or higher is recommended) and formatted into .mkv, .mp4, .m2ts.

If you face any problems with the transmission of video, please feel free to contact us.

We are lookoing forward for ferther cooperation Faithfully yours, Anna Levkovsky and Dmitry Chyrypyuk, Project Managers.

In the era of total glamor domination, we want to attract thinking people both artists and the audience. The protagonist of the festival is the film-director! The best platform for an independent position and artistic experiment is the short-film, because it is free from pressure and mainstream stamps in the era of total domination of mass culture.

We are convinced that non-fiction film art should belong to everyone. We intend to make it designs, experiments and achievements property both professional audiences and public involved. Thus, the documentary involved in the modern culture , will be the subject of perception  and debate in the multicultural environment.

The festival agenda:
Competition, professional discussions, seminars, workshops, meetings with the audience, round tables on topical problems, trips.

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Фестиваль «КіноДок»
International film festival «KinoDok»

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