1. General Provisions

International film festival "KinoDok" (hereinafter refered to as festival) is held annually in Ukraine's region centers. The festival will involve amateur and professional creative films from Ukraine and other countries.

The festival is competitive. Screenings of famous filmmakers films, meetings with creative individuals, artist's master classes and other activities are held out of competition.

1.1 The purposes of the festival involve:

- fostering of patriotism, love for the country, respect of it's history, national and cultural traditions;

- development of amateur cinema, promotion of new creative composition and plot solutions by means of innovative forms and equipment;

2. Provisions and procedure of the festival

The festival will be held on May 20-22, 2016 in Chernihiv in Chernihiv region of Ukraine.

To participate in the festival the films must be shooted in documentary and journalistic genre; up to 40 minutes of high quality video, music and sound design; with titles that are translated into Ukrainian and recorded on DVD-media (in duplicate).

Each creative group has a limit of 1 film.

Films which timing is longer than the upset limit may be allowed to enter the non-competition review upon the agreement of the organizing committee. The order and the exact timing should be specified  when multiple films are submitted by the same author that are recorded on the same carrier.

The films, which are not in accordance with the requirements of this Regulations or made for the purpose of political advertising, shall not be allowed to participate in the festival.

The best films of the Festival will be shown on Ukrainian and foreign TV channels.

The films sent to competition shall remain in the archive of the organizing committee of the Festival and shall not be returned to their authors.

Presence of the participants in Chernihiv is at the expense of the festival.

3. Participants

- Creative teams of professional studios and broadcasters companies

- Amateur creative alliances, groups, clubs etc.

- Authors (professionals and amateurs).

Under the terms of Regulations all the application forms, set forth in the annex, and the copy of the film must be sent before (month, day) 2016.

Based on the applications received the organizing committee shall make up the schedule and shoud notify the participants at least 7 days before the show with a place and the time.

When the participant is fail to attend the Festival, it shall notify the organizing commitee  at least 3 days before the show by written application.

The best films and their authors will be encouraged by the decision of the jury.

The participant shall be responsible for copyright and related rights when works or non-owned fragments signed by his/her name are submitted for participation in the festival.

4. Applications for the festival

Application form shall be drawn up at the festival's website.

When the application form is drawn up on behalf of the group, it shall be filled in by representative collaborating later.

All of the application points is subject to be filled obligatory. If the application form is not filled or filled partially it will not be considered.

Applications, received after the deadline will not be considered by the organizing commitee.

Applications are verified for their full compliance with all requirements of this Regulations and registered by the organizing committee. Following registration each applicant shall become a participant in the festival.

Application forms for participation in the festival are valid for the whole period of the festival.

The official application for participation in the festival, set forth in the annex, creative works and annotations are submitted to the organizing committee.

5. Rewarding and awarding

The jury determines nominations and winners of the festival.

Winners are awarded with special statuettes and money prizes in accordance with prize fund established

Nominations of the festival:

- Grand Prix for best film.

- First place

- Second place

- Third place

Some winners of the festival shall be awarded by decision of the City Council.

6. Working Authorities of festival

The working Authorities of the Festival shall include Organizer, Organizing Committee and Jury.

6.1 The organizer’s functions, rights, obligations and responsibilities.



6.1.1. Festival organizer’s functions involve

- Decision with respect to the festival to be held

- The appointment, co-optation and dissolution of the Organizing Committee of the Festival;

- Selection and approval of the Chairman of the Jury.

6.1.2. Festival organizer's rights

- Providing total control over the course of the Festival.

6.1.3. Festival organizer's obligations:

- Provide the organizing committee and jury with due work conditions

6.1.4. Festival organizer's responsibilities:

The organizer shall be responsible for the absence of due work conditions for the organizing committee, jury, participants and guests.

6.2 The festival organizing committee. Functions, rights, obligations and responsibility.

Dmitry Chyrypyuk, Chief director

Anna Levkovskaya, The Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Members of the committee:

6.2.1. Festival organizing committee's functions involve

- Drawing up and making adjustments of the Regulations and all documents regarding the festival, with the concurrence of the organizer;

- Work coordination of the Festival;

- Collection of documents provided, verification of their compliance with requirements provided by this Regulation and registration of theapplication forms for participation in the Festival;

- Generation and adjustment of a computer database during the festival which shall contain:

  • Participant’s application forms;
  • All the infirmation about the participants including photo and video files;
  • List of participants for each category;
  • List of finalists (awarded and winners);

- Drawing up the independent jury of highly qualified professionals;

- Arrangement of jury's working process during the festival;

- Providing the festival with informational support for such as: collaboration with partners, holding press conferences, distribution of materials on the Festival's website;

- Helding the final measures to award the nominees of the festival;

- The adoption and monitoring of other decisions’ implementation.

6.2.2. The organizing commitee rights

The organizing committee shall have the rigt 

- To Refuse to participate in the festival due to incompliance of application, films or other activities to the statements of this Regulation;

- To exclude applicants for violation of the rules established by this Regulation;

- To Delegate their representatives to the jury;

- To impose additional categories and types of rewarding participants in the festival;

-To Use the entries after the Festival with an obligatory reference to authors without their cuncurrance.

6.2.3. Organizing committee’s oblogations

The organizing committee is obliged:

- To provide equal opportunities and conditions for all participants;

- To ensure the openness to participate in the festival;

- To provide all the necessary conditions and independence for the Jury's work

- To take measures in order to prevent desimination of the information regarding the preliminary and the final results of the Festival before the determined time

- To provide complete performance of functions of the organizing commitee

6.2.4. The organizing committee’s responsibilities

The organizing committeeshall be responsible:

- For violation of the requirements, conditions, rules and procedures of this regulations;

The organizing committee shall not be responsible:

- For inaccurate or false information provided by the Participants;

- For copyright and related rights, if the participant has provided the intelligent materials but not its own and (or) has not received the permission of the authors and (or) persons or organizations authorized.

6.3 The jury

Jury of the Festivalshall be drawn upof Organizing Committee of the Festival.

The jury shall consist of at least five members.

The jury may include members delegated by of the Organizing Committee ; The Organizing Committee invites  the Chairman of the Jury; The jury has the right to withdraw the revision films that do not meet the requirements of this Regulation; Following the discussion of performances during wathing(listening) it decides to participate in the final event and encourage the best performers.


7. Information support

Information support is carried out by information partners who are interested in the festival.

The organizing committee of the Festival coordinates this informational support.

Festival materials shall be posted on the official web-site and web-pages supporting the festival and on social media.

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