Organizing committee announcement

Dear Artists!

We are glad to inform you that this year on May 20-22 the First International Festival of  Documentary and Patriotic Movies "KinoDok" will be held in Chernihiv that is the birthplace of Dovzhenko. It became possible by the efforts of the community, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Chernihiv Regional State Administration and Chernihiv City Council.

The festival will involve amateur and professional creative films from Ukraine and other countries.

During the festival competition a commission , consisting of - Krystof Zanussi (Poland) who shall be chairman of the jury, Bogdan Benyuk (Ukraine), Michael Illienko (Ukraine), Sergey Maslobojschikov (Ukraine), Akhtem Seytablaev (Crimea, Ukraine), will choose  the best works in order to present prizes and nominate them in accordance with categories.

Timing films must not exceed 40 minutes. On the other requirements of entries Festival "KinoDok" given in "application form".

Organizing Committee address:

Ukraine, Kiev, st. Melnikov, 81-A, office №103, 04050
Phone: (063) 622-79-59, (044) 207-59-78
Site: http://kinodocfest.com/
E-mail: Kinodocfest@gmail.com

Faithfully yours,
Anna Levkovsky and Dmitry Chyrypyuk, Project Managers.

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Фестиваль «КіноДок»
International film festival «KinoDok»

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