“KINODOC is always a holiday. A holiday of meetings of new and old profession friends, a holiday of opening of new names, new ideas, new approaches, new world outlook decisions, an exchange of experience and probably here new stars light up while yesterday’s die away. Time is a cruel thing, I stopped feeling the breath of the new, step aside, give way to a young, powerful force. And it’s not just about watching new documentaries. Behind all these views is something much more significant, more important, especially for filmmakers. This is a unique opportunity to communicate directly with people, with those for whom filmmakers work in the end. Hearing their opinion, sometimes a critical or approving assessment of your work – this is the ultimate goal of the festival. New times have set new requirements for documentaries. Ideological propaganda techniques and stamps have been forgotten, but instead a film without commentary has come to the fore, which strikes primarily by the power of truth, there are usually no biased commentators bought here. By the way, at the KINODOC festivals in Chernihiv and Poltava, films which were presented not only made genuine emotional impressions, but also became a real breakthrough in the field of world documentary filmmaking. I know in advance that Zhytomyr will definitely discover new names of filmmakers worthy of the time in which we live. ”

Valentyn Sperkach

film director